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Payments Made Easy- Technology, Service, and Expertise

Everything we do is guided toward helping automotive dealerships deliver a better customer experience.  Quantus One is dedicated to helping the automotive industry -specifically franchise auto dealers- deliver a better customer experience.  We offer a payments solution designed to help dealerships affordably process customer payments.

Our solution was developed from the ground up with you, the dealership, in mind.  We took the brightest minds in the payments industry and the latest innovative technology to mold a payments solution just for auto dealerships.

Better technology and better service combine to help our dealer clients increase revenue, increase profitability, and exceed customer expectations.  Providing a better solution with lower total costs of acceptance AND expertise in the automotive industry is something our clients count on.

safe payment gateway quantus one
Quantus One offers a unique mix of expertise in online parts sales and e-commerce payment acceptance. Built-in fraud mitigation and expense reduction tools are critical to reducing the costs of acceptance faced by an automotive dealership. Focusing on the E-commerce process and ensuring that merchant transactions are handled properly, Quantus One can help ensure that dealer’s interchange and other costs of acceptance are as low as possible.  Every process in place -from Interchange qualification to PCI scope to chargeback prevention strategies- is designed with our clients in mind. Our jobs is to make managing your eCommerce store hassle free, so you can focus on shipping your product.
QuantusOne Dealership Gateway
Our professionals have decades of experience creating payment solutions.  Quantus One offers a unique mix of expertise in online parts & accessories sales and E-commerce payment acceptance.  Preventing fraud and expense reduction are critical to reducing the costs of payment acceptance faced by an automotive dealership.
Online Real-Time Access
Easy to understand, online reports provide quick 24 x 7 access to the business and deposit information our dealers need.  See how your business is running, run reports and access complete transaction information.
Prevent Fraud - Gateway QuantusOne
Identifying potentially fraudulent purchases before they happen is critical. After a fraud has been committed, recovering the parts or the money is difficult. Leveraging a database of known ‘good customers’ and known ‘bad customers’ is very powerful in preventing fraud, but it isn’t new.  Quantus One takes it to the next level.  Access to our unique process exclusive to online OEM auto parts sales is new and is extremely powerful.
PCI-DSS Compliant Service Provider - QuantusOne
Fully PCI Compliant solution.  Keep cardholder data where it belongs- secured.  Our dealer clients never take possession of the actual card information.  Instead confidential information is securely delivered to the issuing bank and the dealer is provided with a replacement ‘token’ to safely be used in place of the actual card number.  Properly securing card information reduces costs, but more importantly it helps to protect the dealer’s valuable brand name.